Anna Jacyszyn

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Anna Jacyszyn combines an obvious respect and admiration for the great ladies of jazz that proceeded her, as well as a playfullness and clear sense of her own style with a love for performing for her audience.

Her gifts are such that she has attracted seasoned and highly respected artists like upright bassist Bernie Addington and producer, composer, arranger and pianist Stu Goldberg to lend their support in both live and studio situations. Jacyszyn and Addington have just released their first co-led CD entitled "Lush Life", which was produced by the aforementioned Stu Goldberg. On it, Anna clearly displays her very broad stylistic range without losing herself in mere parody or even deep homage.

It is sometime difficult to decide whether Jacyszyn is a singer you likes to entertain, or an entertainer who sings really well, such is the fun she shares with her audience in live performances. Make no mistake, though, this lady can really sing.


Lush Life
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